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Creating Healthy Little Mouths

Posted by Anzac Avenue Dental Team on 3 June 2020
Creating Healthy Little Mouths

Creating healthy little mouths

Is your child brushing and cleaning their teeth well? Are you sure you know what is good and bad for your child's teeth? It's not all about sweets and lollies; there are alot of things that can affect the health of your child's teeth and gums and the development of their oro-facial structures.  A lifetime of good dental health starts in childhood and a healthy mouth is a vital building block to a long term healthy body.

Much like adult teeth, baby teeth need to be professionally cleaned and checked regularly to ensure no decay is present, and to check that the teeth and gums are healthy.  The premature loss of baby teeth can have a significant impact on the development of adult teeth and lead to long term dental problems later in life.  It is also important that children develop good oral hygiene habits, and a regular visit to their dentist and oral health therapist assists is eliminating the "fear factor" that many of us have. 

It is particularly important for children who play a contact sport to have a professionally made mouthguard each season.  While "off the shelf" options are better than nothing, they don't provide the ideal protection.  A mouthguard made by your dentist ensures a proper fit and options are available during orthodontic treatment as well.

Fissure sealants can also assist in reducing decay and protecting growing teeth.  A fissure sealant is a white filling material that fills the "grooves" in back molar teeth and stops food and bacteria getting caught which can ultimately lead to decay.  Fissure sealants are  painless and inexpensive so make sure you discuss this preventive option at your child's next dental visit.

The growth and development and your child's jaw, airway, teeth and facial structures should also be assessed and monitored from an early age.  The way you breath, the type of food you eat, whether you had a dummy or sucked your thumb or whether you have allergies can all affect the way your jaw and face develop which in turn affects the position of adult teeth.  Early intervention can address and correct the jaw development with the aim of reducing the need for fixed braces down the track.  Current research is also showing links between behavioural problems and a poor airway and many children are benefiting from this early intervention.

Anzac Avenue Dental provides "dental care for life".  We have a holistic, preventive approach to dental care.  Our philosophy is to provide ongoing prevention and maintenance for your entire family.  Apart from a regular examination and clean, there are a number of preventive treatments you can discuss with your dental team. 
When it comes to your children's teeth, prevention is much better and cheaper -  than cure.  For further information, or to schedule an appointment, phone 07 3491 8131.

Author: Anzac Avenue Dental Team
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