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At Anzac Avenue Dental, we love to help create beautiful smiles. There is a huge range of treatment options that we can use to help change your smile. Not all the options are suitable for every patient, so at Anzac Avenue Dental, we tailor a treatment plan to suit both you needs and your budget.

Take the smile test to see whether a smile make over might be suitable for you

  1. Do you cover your mouth when you talk or smile?
  2. Are you self conscious about your smile?
  3. Do you hate having close up photos taken?
  4. Have you ever grown a moustache to hide you smile?
  5. Do you avoid wearing bright lipsticks to avoid highlighting your discoloured teeth?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to give us a call to discuss how cosmetic dentistry can help improve your smile.

We've included a few before and after pictures of some of our smiles.




Before  After
Dan had his front tooth knocked out 13 years ago, and has worn a denture (plate) every since. He desperately wanted to have an implant and crown placed so that he would no longer need the removable denture. Dan initially went through a phase of orthodontics which created the room for him to then have an implant and crown placed to fill the space perfectly. Dan has also undergone the Zoom in surgery whitening procedure in order to achieve the perfect smile he is now so proud of.



Before  After
Andy was unhappy with the coloured bands across his teeth, generally he wanted a whiter and brighter smile. We improved his teeth dramatically by doing Zoom whitening and placing porcelain crowns.



Before  After
As a senior consultant William knew his smile was the first thing clients noticed about him. He knew he had extensive damage to many of his teeth and his gums had receded due to ongoing infection, however he didn't want a 'false tooth' solution. Using a combination of implants and porcelain crowns and bridges, William was able to achieve a new smile and a healthy mouth. William was able to save some of his own natural teeth so the new crowns and bridges were created to blend in rather than produce a stand out 'Hollywood' appearance.



Before  After
Betty initially attended because she was suffering with neck and shoulder pain, and thought her tooth grinding habit may have been contributing towards this. After an initial assessment it was diagnosed that the main contributing factor was the position of her jaw. To correct this concern Betty went through two phases of treatment, the first neuromuscular therapy to correct the alignment of her jaw position, followed by a course of fixed orthodontics to straighten and align. Betty now has a smile she can be proud of.



Before  After
Ken had previously had a ceramic bridge placed across his upper front teeth. His lower front teeth were heavily worn and sensitive. Ken wanted to have the bridge replaced on the upper teeth and resin build ups placed across the lower front teeth to improve on the appearance and to help prevent further wear and destruction of his natural tooth structure.



Before  After
Abby had a very large amalgam filling on one of her lower molar teeth. This tooth was at high risk of fracturing and breaking. The latest technology has enabled Abby to have the old Amalgam filling replaced within one appointment, with a strong ceramic 'cerec' restoration.



Before  After
Dee had some old composite resin restorations on her upper front teeth which were showing signs of leaking and staining, here teeth were very yellow in appearance. Dee wanted to replace the old restorations, whiten her teeth and then have some ceramic crowns across the front 5 teeth.



Before  After
Alan's teeth were severely worn down and stained.  Using composite resin,  Alan's teeth were restored back to his original tooth size, recreating his natural smile.



Before  After
Greg was unhappy with the space on the upper right side of his mouth. He also wanted to correct the colour and uniformity of his smile line. To fill the space a ceramic bridge was placed, and then the remainder of his front teeth were crowned to achieve a beautiful, white, straight smile.



Before  After
Using a combination of root treatments and composite resin restorations, Des was able to achieve a 'cleaner', healthier smile.



Before  After
Haley attended our practice with crowding of her upper and lower teeth. Her teeth appeared very 'bucky' because of her underdeveloped upper and lower jaws. Haley has been through a course of orthodontic treatment to correctly align and straighten her smile. Her results now show a beautiful broad and attractive smile.



Before  After
Jennifer was a heavy smoker, and coffee drinker. Her teeth were badly stained and she suffered with some gum disease and dental decay. Although she had budget restraints we were able to achieve a substantial improvement in her smile by performing periodontal treatment, making new dentures, and restoring her teeth with composite resin to remove the decay. She now smiles with confidence.



Before  After
Judy was unhappy with the colour of her crowns on the upper left side and the natural colour of the front teeth. She also disliked the space on the lower right, as it was making it difficult for her to chew food on the right side of her mouth. To improve the situation we filled the space with a ceramic bridge, and placed ceramic crowns across her front teeth providing Judy with a beautiful and functional new smile.



Before  After
Gail didn't like the shape or colour of her teeth and she knew her old fillings were stained.  She had chosen "patch up" dental care in the past and made the decision to go with a permanent solution to improve her smile.  Porcelain crowns were used to dramatically change her upper teeth.



Before  After
Tiffany attended the practice very self conscious about the gap she had towards the front of her smile. It was discussed that we would need to create more space before we could place an implant and a crown. To create space Tiffany went through a phase of orthodontics. An implant was then placed followed by in surgery whitening, and beautiful crowns were then placed on top of the implant fixture and also on the corresponding tooth on the other side of her smile (for better cosmetic symmetry). Tiffany now smiles with absolute confidence.



Before  After
Mike presented to us with very heavily worn teeth. His bite had closed down significantly and he wanted to try and improve his appearance by building his teeth back to 'normal' length with composite resin fillings. After completing this treatment, Mike had several breakages (which is the major downside to using resin material on large areas). The decision was made to replace the resin restorations with stronger ceramic crowns. We were also able to lighten Mikes' smile at the same time providing him with a great sense of security.



Before  After
Murray suffered with gum disease and a large amount of decay across his front teeth, which extended into the nerve of one tooth on the upper left. To restore Murray's teeth back to health and help to remove the sensitivity he was suffering with, we removed all areas of decay, performed a root canal therapy followed by a ceramic crown on the front tooth, then restored the remaining areas of decay with composite resin. Murray is now smiling again and pain free.



Before  After
Michael had very discoloured, broken and missing teeth. He wanted a permanent solution that would improve both the appearance and function of his teeth. Using a combination of ceramic crowns on his remaining teeth and partial dentures to replace the missing teeth, Michael has achieved an amazing result.



Before  After
Norm had missing back teeth on the upper and lower and was not happy with the shape or colour of his front teeth. To fill the spaces we made upper and lower dentures and then restored the front teeth with composite resin veneers. His final result looks very natural.



Before  After
Gerry attended the practice with a very narrow upper arch and some crowding issues.  He wanted whiter teeth and a broader smile.  To achieve this look for Gerry we crowned his upper 10 teeth. By using ceramic we were able to create the illusion of a whiter and broader smile without the need for orthodontics.



Before  After
Sam has several areas of decay which needed to be restored in composite resin. All of his decay and any old amalgam restorations were replaced and restored in resin material improving the overall appearance dramatically.



Before  After
Theresa did not like the gap between her two front teeth, she also wanted a whiter and brighter smile. To improve on her appearance Theresa had in surgery whitening and then two crowns were placed on her upper left front teeth. The results were very pleasing for Theresa.



Before  After
Veronica has had a few crowns placed on root treated teeth over the years, however she felt that her smile looked 'patchy' and uneven. She had 10 porcelain crowns placed on her upper teeth and her lower teeth whitened to blend in with her beautiful new smile. Her teeth have a stunning, natural appearance that can only be achieved with porcelain.



Before  After
Elisa wanted to improve the appearance of her smile without wanting to spend a lot of money. She chose composite crowns to alter the shape, size and colour of her teeth. While composite material doesn't allow for the same natural tooth appearance as porcelain, this procedure has dramatically changed Elis'a smile. In this case, the crowns were matched to Elisa's natural tooth colour to aid in providing a more natural finish.



Before  After
Wendy didn't like the appearance, shape or position of her front teeth. She wanted to be able to smile with confidence without spending a lot of money. Four ceramic crowns on her front teeth have made a big difference to her smile and corrected the colour, shape and position of her teeth without the need for surgical or orthodontic intervention.



Before  After
Kartia's smile was suffering from worn teeth that had been heavily restored with white and silver fillings over the years. She chose to have porcelain crowns placed on her 12 upper teeth to give a bright and even smile.



Before  After
Holly had very smell teeth and while orthodontics would have closed the spaces, it wouldn't have changed the shape or size of her teeth.  Hayley chose composite veneers to dramatically change her smile and she plans to replace them with permanent porcelain veneers next year.



Before  After
Simon didn't like his uneven front  teeth and he wanted to have a brighter and more symmetrical smile.  To achieve this, we placed veneers on his four upper front teeth.  Simon is now undergoing Invisalign orthodontic treatment on his lower teeth to compliment his beautiful new. smile.



Before  After
Ellie attended the practice some minor crowding issues across her front teeth and was interested in a whiter smile. She wanted an improvement in the shape without the needs for orthodontics. Ceramic veneers were placed across her 10 front teeth, creating the natural appearance she has today.



Before  After
Wayne attended the practice with broken and decayed teeth, and a missing tooth on his upper left side.  To improve his appearance and the health of his mouth we placed a bridge to fill the space on the upper left, and restored the areas of decay with resin restorations. Wayne now smiles with confidence again.



Before  After
Rebecca first attended the practice at the age of 9 with a narrow arch and 2 missing on the upper jaw. After an initial period of expansion therapy, Rebecca then transitioned onto fixed orthodontics (braces). Once we had moved the teeth into the correct alignment and created the right amount of space, we then placed two ceramic maryland bridges to fill the upper spaces. At the age of 14 Rebecca now smiles with confidence.



Before  After
Tina's old porcelain fused to metal crowns were starting to show the metal margins when she smiled, creating a dark appearance to the teeth. By using all ceramic crowns to replace them we were able to brighten Tina's smile and create a white, cleaner and more even smile.



Before  After
Pete was unhappy with the appearance of his smile and he also had a number of old fillings that were failing and causing the surrounding tooth structure to crack.  We placed 6 ceramic crowns on the upper front teeth and replaced his old amalgam fillings with ceramic onlays.  We achieved a fantastic result which not only improved his smile, but also strengthened the teeth he was at risk of losing.


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