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“Twilight” Intravenous (IV) Sedation Dentistry

We understand that some patients have had bad experiences in the past or simply don't like the sensation involved in dental treatment.  While Nitrous Oxide Gas (happy gas) and oral medication such as Valium works for many people, others still prefer to be "asleep" for the treatment. 

Anzac Avenue Dental is now able to offer twilight sedation, also known as IV (intravenous) sedation, for your dental procedures. IV sedation for dental procedures is a fantastic option for our patients who would otherwise need a hospital visit.

IV Sedation for dental patients at our practice is extremely safe and highly effective in ensuring your dental visit is relaxing and painless. We have a qualified Anaesthetist who will give you safe IV anaesthetics to ease you into a sleepy, dream-like state for the whole procedure. You will be unaware of your surroundings with little or no memory of the procedure.

Conscious IV Sedation at Anzac Avenue Dental is all done in-house as a day procedure, without the risks, costs and time involved with having a general anaesthetic.  We can do most dental treatment under IV sedation.  The cost of the IV sedation is paid directly to the Anaesthetic Specialist and you can claim a rebate back from Medicare.  The dental treatment is done at out normal practice fees and health fund rebates apply as normal.  Please note that you cannot use your private hospital cover as this is not an "in hospital" procedure.  Treatment plans and quotes are all provided after your initial visit so you know the cost before you start.

Patients that are suitable for IV Sedation include those who:

  • are anxious or have a fear/phobia of dental procedures
  • have had bad experiences in the past
  • require complex dental treatments
  • have difficulty getting numb with local anaesthetic
  • have a strong gag reflex
  • have a needle phobia

IV Sedation for dental treatment is administered and monitored by hospital grade full monitoring along with intravenous fluids and 100% oxygen therapy during the procedure. There will be a continuous infusion of IV anaesthetic, sedative and pain-relieving medications via a small IV cannula/drip placed in your arm. The medications are quick and effective, and you will be in a relaxed, sleepy and pleasant dream-like state. You will be comfortable and unaware of your surroundings and have little or no recollection of the procedure. Although IV Sedation at Anzac Avenue Dental is extremely safe, there will be emergency and resuscitation medications and equipment available in the clinic in accordance with the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetics (ANZCA) guidelines.

Side effects are rare. A very small minority of patients have dream-like recollections of the experience but these are not distressing. IV sedation is generally well tolerated, with mild, short term side-effects which can include dizziness and nausea.

There are some cases where we can't administer IV sedation in the practice and these include:

  • Pregnant patients
  • Patients under 16 years of age
  • Patients who have diagnosed Obstructive Sleep Apnoea
  • Patients with a BMI greater than 40
  • Patient with unstable medical conditions or a history of anaesthetic reactions

For more informatin about sedation options available, click here.

If you are interested in having treatment done under IV sedation or you want more information, please call us on 07 3491 8131 or book a new patient consultation on line via our website.

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