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Filling in the gaps - What are my choices?

Posted by Anzac Avenue Dental Team on 8 June 2020
Filling in the gaps - What are my choices?

Missing teeth can be one of the most obvious and embarrassing problems for many people.  When it comes to deciding on how to fill the gaps, you have a number of choices available.  It is important that you understand each option and discuss the long term viability of each choice before you proceed with your treatment.

Missing teeth affect both the appearance of your smile and the biting and chewing function.  Whether it is a tooth you have lost recently, or teeth that have been missing for years, there are a number of options available to fill the gap.  The options you may wish to consider include Implants, Bridges or Partial dentures.

Implants are a long term solution to missing teeth.  They involving placing a titanium screw to act as an artificial root into the mouth and attaching a crown that is designed to exactly match your natural teeth.  They are fixed in place and are designed to act as a 'normal' tooth.  Implants are a fantastic option for people who care about their smile and want a long term alternative to removable plates and dentures.

A bridge is a "false" tooth attached to two anchor points at either side of the gap.  It is generally made from ceramic and is designed to match the shape and color of your existing teeth.  The bridge can span one or more missing spaces and in most cases, the bridge unit will look like your own natural teeth.   It is fixed in place and is not removable like a denture.

A partial denture replaces several teeth, whereas a full denture replaces all the teeth in an upper and/or lower jaw.  Partial dentures are a low cost way of replacing a missing tooth or teeth.  They are removable and they don't blend into your natural smile as well as an implant or a bridge, however many people find they are a convenient and relatively inexpensive way of improving their smile.

So, as you can see there are a lot of different things to consider when you are deciding how to "fill the gap".  We encourage you to discuss all of these options carefully so you can make an educated choice that will provide you with a comfortable, functional and cosmetically pleasing result.

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Author: Anzac Avenue Dental Team
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