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8 June 2020

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Filling in the gaps - What are my choices?

by Anzac Avenue Dental Team
Missing teeth can be one of the most obvious and embarrassing problems for many people.  When it comes to deciding on how to fill the gaps, you have a number of choices available.  It is important that you understand each option and discuss the long term viability of each choice befor...

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Periodontal Disease

Jul 09 2020
Periodontal (perio or gum) disease is a bacterial infection that occurs under the gums and causes, bleeding, pain, halitosis (bad breath) and bon...

My Jaw Hurts

Jul 06 2020
Do you have pain in your jaw or headaches and neck pain that just won't go away?  Do you spend a lot of time at the physio or chiropra...

Myths about thumb and finger sucking

Jul 02 2020
There are so many opinions about digit sucking children from professionals and parents.  Here are just a few of the common myths. 1. &quot...

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